The club has several members designated as club trainers who can assist new hobbyists learn to fly and set up their equipment properly.  Getting into the hobby can be a daunting experience with all of the options these days.  We can help you pick the equipment and aircraft you need to begin flying R/C planes, helicopters, or quadcopters (drones).

Once you are ready to begin flight lessons, the trainers can use a “buddy box” system to save the plane should you lose orientation or not feel comfortable.  This is an available feature on most radio transmitters but check with us to make sure your equipment will be compatible if you don’t know.

If you are in the Bryan/College Station/Brazos Valley area and are interested in learning to fly R/C, contact us and we will set you up with advice and a trainer.

See for some nice articles that go over the basics of the R/C hobby.